tes Magazine: Managing your mental health: lessons from a doctor

Dr Radha was featured in tes magazine’s article “Managing your mental health: lessons from a doctor” written by Kate Parker.

“How much spare time do you have as a teacher? The answer, often, is not a lot. There’s no time for a proper lunch, marking goes into the evenings, and planning takes over Sunday mornings. So, when teachers are told that they need to “make time” to put themselves first, and to look after their own mental health and wellbeing above everything else, it’s not surprising when the response is: “I haven’t got time for that!”

That, Dr Radha Modgil says, is a big problem. Modgil is the medical expert for BBC Radio 1, and she wants teachers to take care of themselves.” 

Click here to read the article on the tes magazine site


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