“Our lives are not separate from our wellbeing and how we feel” 

Dr Radha

Meet Dr Radha – MA (Hons) MBBS (Hons) MRCGP DFRSH DRCOG

Innovator, Educator and Advocate

I believe that by sharing our own individual story, we are empowered with the tools we need to be well, learn more about ourselves and truly connect with each other across the world through our universal humanity. That is true wellbeing and true progress.

The advice that I give is rooted in my ability to listen and to empathise. I am constantly learning about life and what we can do for our wellbeing both individually and collectively and that’s why I love what I do – I am on this journey too.

Know Your Own Power

Dr Radha’s debut book, Know Your Own Power has been published in the UK, US and Canada, Australia and India, and is available as an audiobook narrated by Radha herself.

Featured on Action For Happiness, Damian Barr’s Literary Salon, Waitrose Health Magazine, BBC Radio 2, The i newspaper, Scala Radio, Happiful Magazine Podcast ‘I Am I Have’ & Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch.

Know your own power

Dr Radha Modgil has been an energetic, trusted and creative voice for wellbeing since 2008.

As an NHS GP, television, radio and podcast broadcaster and author she is on a mission to bring about positive change and empower anyone to take small but powerful steps to improve their quality of life. She believes that every individual is their own often untapped powerhouse of knowledge and experience. Her love for this work comes from a desire to connect people across the world by highlighting a universal human need for authentic wellbeing.



The Big Issue’s 100 Change Makers 2022 List (The Big Issue UK)

One of the Top 50 Cheeriest Social Media Accounts (The Guardian)

Presenter of Feeling Better rated in the top 20 CBeebies Shows from the last 20 years (The Guardian)

Listed as one of the inspiring people who are leading the way when it comes to mental health awareness (Positive News)

‘Dr Radha’s 5 C’s’ – 5 tips for staying mentally & emotionally well during the pandemic. Filmed for BBC News Homepage and converted into a wellbeing poster for NHS workplaces

Under the Spotlight (Women of Influence UK)



Radha is the medical expert for BBC Radio 1’s daytime show, Life Hacks and the co-presenter of their weekly Life Hacks Podcast. She was the presenter of the CBeebies show Feeling Better, highlighting the importance of talking about emotions for young children. She was the presenter for the BBC Bitesize series ‘Exam Survivors’ on BBC Sounds.

Apart from BBC Radio 1, she has been broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 5 Live, BBC Asian Network, LBC and Radio 1’s Newsbeat.

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It’s my second well-being show @BBCBerkshire tonight!

Join me 9-10pm @bbcsounds

Tonight #arts #crafts for #wellbeing

And I have the fabulous

🎨 @sophiegreenfineart talking fine art
🌈 @momtazbh on colour
✏️ @jennifairy09 chatting pottery, crafts & how to start getting creative

Plus some great 🎶 and a space to be uplifted, inspired and to relax

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A @mentalhealthfoundation report found that time spent in “high quality” nature spaces, those that are calm, clean, and boasts high levels of biodiversity, can help boost our wellbeing. 💚

@dr_radha agrees, and tells us that being outside and enjoying a #DailyDoseofDiscovery can help combat loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

Use the Rough Guide to Accessible Britain to find a day of discovery near you 😊

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Our relationship with our family members is probably one of the most fundamental to our lives and yet, can be one of the most complex to navigate too.

Conflict is a natural part of all relationships and to be expected from time to time in a family, but how can we navigate these tricky times, to ensure we are able to either resolve a situation, or to leave it with our mental health intact?

@theipaper #iweekend @theiweekend

👉 https://inews.co.uk/inews-lifestyle/dr-radha-how-navigate-family-dynamics-home-holidays-1792287

Very excited for my first show @BBCBerkshire tonight! ☺️

I’m chatting to

all about #nature and #wellbeing!

As well as tips and tricks on how to start gardening, bird watching and a new hobby 🪴 🌱 🦅 🌳 & great music 🎶

🎧 9-10pm @bbcsounds

I love to write about life, with all its ups and downs; how we can get through it and – hopefully – thrive. So you may be surprised to hear that this weekend, I am talking about the opposite – death – and the importance of recognising that all of our lives will end one day.

Death is part of life, so why are we so afraid of talking about it?

Instead of pushing it away, if we take steps in our own lives to reflect upon it we realise this could help us appreciate living more now & support our wellbeing

@theipaper #iweekend @theiweekend

If you’re working tonight, if you can’t sleep, or if your alarm settings look like mine 😉 then tune into @bbc5live tonight @bbcsounds 📻🎙🎧

I’m joining the brilliant @hayleyhassall to chat about

– constructing your own mental health toolkit
– monkeypox
– my favourite tv theme tune!

Happy Friday news! 😆

I’m joining BBC Radio Berkshire to present my own wellbeing show every Monday from next week for the whole of August 🎧 🎙

So excited because I love radio!

Join me next Monday 9-10pm @BBCBerkshire @bbcsounds
for some amazing tunes and brilliant guests 📻

Delighted to announce that I’m now a regular columnist for the brilliant BBC Science Focus magazine @bbcsciencefocus ✍️

I’ll be exploring the latest scientific health research – and how it could impact our day to day lives

And here’s my first one 👇

‘If you could take a pill that had all the fat-busting benefits of exercise without you needing to actually work out, would you do it? 💊

It's an exciting idea, says @DrRadhaModgil, but the mental and emotional impact of exercise should not be overlooked.’


Multitasking is an illusion – we are really just switching rapidly from one task to another

Although we feel more productive, science shows that actually we aren’t, and that our attempts to multitask may actually cause problems🤦🏻‍♀️

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You’ve heard Season 1 & 2 @forgotpodcast but guess what?

Recording our first episodes of Season 3 today! 🎙 🎧

An absolutely stellar line up of guests with their own unique take on something they think we’ve all forgotten about which might help us feel better!

Coming soon!

@eliistender10 @forgotpodcast

Catch up on S1 & S2 … search ‘ThingsIForgotWereGoodForMe’

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Music is amazing & science has come a long way to help confirm what we already suspected. Why is music special and what does science us about how it can support our wellbeing?

Let’s value music more and let it work its magic🎼

@theipaper @theiweekend #iweekend 🥁🎻


I’m really thrilled & honoured to have been appointed as a Trustee on the Board for the brilliant @actionhappiness ☺️

A movement of people taking action to create a happier and kinder world, together – a charity so aligned to my purpose and interests 🌎 😌

Action for Happiness brings people together to learn evidence-based skills for happier living, feel a sense of belonging and commit to personal action to create more happiness, for ourselves and others

And I couldn’t be more excited!

Very honoured to be joining

Patron @dalailama
Lord Richard Layard
@mikeonhealth @juliebentley @AnthonySeldon @geoffmulgan @changespace @markwilliamson and the entire brilliant team there

Find out more about @actionhappiness 👇


I joined with @mentalhealthfoundation in @psychologiesmagazine to debunk the myths of perimenopausal depression & discuss the tools you need to identify the signs

Link 👉 https://www.psychologies.co.uk/perimenopausal-depression-identify-the-signs-and-how-to-cope/

Lovely to be on @bbcradio2 airwaves with brill @katiepiper_ talking about my book ‘Know Your Own Power’

It’s about how we can get through life’s challenges – and come out the other side knowing ourselves a lot better

📖 💫 📻

Catch up @bbcsounds

You can order a copy from the link in my bio

Available in
UK 🇬🇧
USA 🇺🇸
Canada 🇨🇦
India 🇮🇳


Life admin can get in the way & tip the balance into less life & more work. Like work, it can drain your life energy-how can we stop the drain?

Work will never stop, life admin will never stop – but you shouldn’t allow it to stop you living

@theipaper @theiweekend #iweekend


Which one is your weekend, this weekend? 🤗

Whichever one it is, make the best of it


A lovely piece by the fabulous @anna_bonet in my favourite @theipaper #iweekend @theiweekend

Pleased to have contributed to some of the brilliant tips on this, including

– channelling your school summer holiday vibes ☀️

– getting up just a tiny bit earlier ⏰


I had the absolute delight of being the guest of honour speaker at the incredible @longacreschool today for their Speech Day #emotionalwellbeing

Celebrating the incredible pupils, teachers & parents that make it such a lovely community

Thank you for these beautiful flowers 🌸🌺🌼