“I wrote this book because I don’t want anyone to feel alone whatever is happening in their lives. All of us will go through crisis and challenge, and I want to be a friend, a guide and a voice through this book, to help inspire and motivate you to go looking for your power, find it, dust it off and let it show you what it can do for you.”

When crises arise, such as relationship breakdown, job and health challenges, a change in friendship and family dynamics or a significant life event, Know Your Own Power can act as a guide offering practical advice and insight as to how these challenges can be overcome.

The book takes the reader on a journey from crisis, through their individual process all the way through to resolution.


Dr Radha is a weekly columnist for The Independent, The i newspaper, writing about how we can all live our best lives.

Radha writes about topics such as happiness and expectations, handling conflict, music and nature for wellbeing, workplace wellbeing, trauma, joy and forgiveness.

She contributes to a monthly column for Psychologies magazine alongside the Mental Health Foundation. Radha also writes a monthly column for BBC Science Focus Magazine. Radha has written for The Guardian, MSN Health & Fitness, The Huffington Post and the online platform Having Time and featured on Apple News.

Radha is currently writing her first illustrated children’s story and her next non-fiction book.

Know Your Own Power

Dr Radha’s debut book, Know Your Own Power has been published in the UK, US and Canada, Australia and India, and is available as an audiobook narrated by Radha herself.

Featured on Action For Happiness, Damian Barr’s Literary Salon, Waitrose Health Magazine, BBC Radio 2, The i newspaper, Scala Radio, Happiful Magazine Podcast ‘I Am I Have’ & Channel 4’s Steph’s Packed Lunch.

Know your own power


“Reading your book at the moment and absolutely love it, so much wisdom in there, thank you”

“Incredibly perfect book. Thanks for understanding me. I have always been averse to mindful/positivity type books but yours is perfect to the core – kindness, compassion, self-care. Thank you, Dr Radha.”

“This book is an excellent companion to help you through periods of difficulty, challenge and change. Its contents and lessons are helping me rediscover myself, my confidence esteem and power to make changes in my life.”

“Absolutely beautiful, helpful, radical. A toolkit for anyone who wants to make the most of their life and be their authentic self.”

“Thank you for a beautifully written book. It’s awoken something in my mind and I feel aware, hopeful and empowered.”

“Your new book is just what I need to help me through this very difficult time. Thank you so much for writing it and sharing so much guidance in a clear and actionable way.”


Contributing Author and Consultant

  • Contributor to ‘Help your Kids with…’ by Professor Robert Winston
  • Contributor to ‘Dear Katie’ book by BBC Radio 1’s Katie Thistleton
  • Contributor to ‘Open’ by BBC Radio 6 Music’s Gemma Cairney
  • Consultant for ‘It’s All in Your Head’ by Rae Earl
  • Consultant for ‘The Girl Guide’ by Marawa Ibrahim
  • Contributor for ‘The Book of Hope: 101 Voices on Overcoming Adversity’ by Johnny Benjamin and Britt Pfluger
  • Foreword for ‘The Rough Guide to Accessible Britain’

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