Dr Radha



Radha qualified as a doctor in 2003 and continues to practise as a GP within the NHS. She studied medicine at Cambridge University and Imperial College London gaining 1st Class Honours in her MA and MBBS degrees.

She worked in a variety of hospitals in multiple medical specialities for over five years in London gaining the first two parts of the Royal College of Physicians Membership before then deciding to complete further training to become a General Practitioner.

As well as her clinical role she currently teaches undergraduate medical students for Imperial College London, is an NHS appraiser, a Tribunal Medical Panel Member for the Social Security Entitlement Chamber for the Ministry of Justice and is the Ambassador Lead for the National Academy for Social Prescribing.

Her variety of roles and her grounding in NHS clinical practice means that she is in touch with challenges we face in life individually and collectively, with our physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.
Radha’s ability to communicate, to be flexible and to empathise as well as to connect with others is evident in her roles.

Radha is also a Trustee for Action For Happiness, a charitable organisation and innovative movement of people taking action collectively to create a happier world, through promoting a culture that prioritises kindness

Radha is an Advisory Panel Member for the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, a collaborating centre working out how to improve lives by accelerating research and democratising access to wellbeing evidence.

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