Early Years Scotland: Feeling Better with CBeebies

Feeling Better is a bright and entertaining new CBeebies series presented by Dr Radha Modgil along with two colourful puppets; Ben and Breagha. 

Throughout the series, Radha, Ben and Breagha explore how different kinds of emotions can make us feel; from feeling worried or frustrated to feeling excited and happy. 

Each of the series’ 25 episodes explores and explains a different feeling, and follows the emotional adventures of Ben and Breagha. Together they learn all about an emotion, and discover some things they can do when they are feeling that way. 

By exploring emotions through  conversation, songs, animation and real life soundbites from children, the series aims to create an early introduction for mental health awareness. It aims to help children recognise, understand and articulate their own feelings, and to encourage them to be empathetic towards those of others too. Radha and some ‘Feelings Friends’ provide some simple tools for coping with emotions and encouraging children to talk to the grown-ups and peers in their lives about how they are feeling. 

Feeling Better is shown on the CBeebies Channel every weekday at 3.20pm, and is also available to view on the CBeebies iplayer. 

You can also visit our website where you’ll find songs, art and crafts activities and articles designed to encourage your child start thinking and talking about how they are feeling.

Website:  https://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/shows/feeling-better

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